Technical Management

Hallworthy provides contract drilling services to Owners of offshore Jack Up drilling rigs, either through technical management or bareboat arrangements. The Company's primary focus is to operate rigs in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner, for exploration, drilling and work-over purposes.

Hallworthy further has a capability to offers a complete range of Offshore Jack Up Management services, which primarily include commercial, operational and technical management including administrative support.

Hallworthy has implemented web based system (ERP) whereby processes are continuously monitored, evaluated and improved upon. ERP system ensures that all employees onshore and offshore have access to Quality, Safety and Procedure manuals required for safe, efficient and Top Quality operations meeting all applicable regulatory and Company requirements. This also allow for continuous monitoring of various processes for enhanced efficiency and consistent performance without dispensing on safety and environmental aspects at a low cost to their clients.

System is an ISO 9001:2008 compliant and Hallworthy intends to base its safety and environment related work procedures on system in compliance with ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

Hallworthy has achieved total 12 consecutive years LTA (Loss time without Accident) free Operations in 2011, which is an envious record by any standard. During this period rigs have drilled several wells successfully at an average of 98% operating efficiency and with a total of over 5 million man-hours worked covering only Operations at Offshore.